Save up to 50%
of Mounting Space
on your PCB

Compared with other manufacturers’ 40A frame relay, our BR
series has smaller mounting space by 50%.

Togami can realize miniaturization of your PCB by BR series.

※An in-company investigation (As of May. 2022)

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Do you need a help
on these matters?

We are trying to design PCB as small as possible, but it doesn't work due to size of parts.

Quality issue damages our company's credibility. We need a product with thorough quality control.

We need a PCB relay with large capacity, but such relay would be big and expensive.

We need a product which available for domestic and international application.

Togami can solve your matters!

We, Togami Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. started production of control equipment from 1925 in Japan.
Based on nearly 100 years of knowledge and technology, we developed product with "Space saving", "Large capacity" and "High reliability".

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3 Features
of Togami BR series

Feature 1

Large Capacity in
Compact Body

By specializing its application in conducting electricity, we developed a 40A frame relay with half size body of other manufacturers' product.
This enables you to miniaturize your PCB, and design PCB with high current.

Feature 2

High Quality
with Automation

All production processes are automated, and conducted in clean room. Additionally, test process is carried out with high accuracy image inspection equipment. Those realize stable supply of high quality "Made in Japan" products.

Feature 3

Compliance with
International Standard

BR series comply with international standard, then this product is optimum for domestic and international application.
Also, this can reduce some processes to comply with standard with your product.

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Our market share of relay for inrush
protection circuit in commercial Inverter
Air Conditioner in Japan is 69%.

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Please tell me the details of lineup.
We have 2 models, 30AF and 40AF. Those dimensions are same.
Is your product comply with RoHS and REACH?
All of our products comply with those regulations.
For more details, please contact us with below inquiry.
May I know electrical durability of BR series?
Electrical durability is 10,000 ops. This model is specialized in application for inrush protection circuit. In this circuit, this relay doesn’t make and break. Then this durability is enough for this application.
May I know mechanical durability of BR series?
Mechanical durability is 1,000,000 ops.
What is the application of this product?
This product is used to break a suppression resistance in inverter power circuit.
For more details, please refer to above “Example”.
Please tell me the type of coil voltage
The current lineup is 6VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC.
Is it available from all countries?
Basically it is possible. Please contact us for more details.
How can I know price and MOQ of this product?
Please contact us with below inquiry form.
How long is the lead time?
Please contact us with below inquiry form.
Who is your main customer?
Our main customer is Japanese air conditioner manufacturer.

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